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See How this Team Increased Guest Engagement by 30% and Became 8x more Effective

Wind Creek Hospitality

Wind Creek Hospitality is the principal gaming and hospitality entity for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Their contact center is dedicated to providing a first-class guest experience.


300 agents




Derrick Harper


Speech analytics, Quality Monitoring, Coaching, Voxjar Analyst


ind Creek’s contact center team is laser focused on providing their guests with the best possible experience. They utilize multiple channels to lower the barrier for communication and implement cutting edge technology to provide a personalized, secure experience for each guest.

By using Voxjar, they’ve been able to…

Create a Centralized, Cloud-Based Quality Management Program

Modernizing an on-premise contact center can be a daunting task. Cloud-based systems provide the scalability and affordability necessary to compete, but with dozens of processes and tools to migrate, it easily becomes overwhelming.

Wind Creek experienced this first hand as they made their transition to a completely cloud-based contact center. They turned to Voxjar to bring not just their Quality program to the cloud, but also to introduce affordable, scalable conversation analytics and collaborative coaching tools all in one platform.


Image 1: One of many Voxjar Dashboards that track KPIs and spotlight coaching opportunities




“Voxjar has allowed us to narrow our focus when coaching our team members. Beforehand, we were only able to [coach] based on assumptions and hearsay from our supervisors, information from surveys, and what we happened to catch in the few manual audits done.”


WFO Manager

Become 8x more Effective at Quality Monitoring

Call quality assurance is a priority in many contact centers yet the majority of Quality Management teams are stuck monitoring interactions manually. This creates a bottleneck and limits effectiveness. Most contact centers are evaluating fewer than 2% of their interactions because of this restriction.

Wind Creek was no different before Voxjar. Their target was to monitor 4 to 6 calls per agent per month with a grand total of between 350 and 600 evaluations.

In their first month utilizing Voxjar, they analyzed over 50,000 customer phone calls.

That’s up to 142x more coverage.

Additional coverage is a great first step but without actionable insights, it doesn’t help all that much.

Derrick and his team, guided by their dedicated Voxjar analyst, applied Voxjar’s AI engine to augment their compliance monitoring.

The Wind Creek Quality Management team was already doing a great job training their team members, and they had decreased infractions to the point that they were only discovering these types of coachable moments on 1.26% of the calls they monitored (about 1 in every 80 calls).

Because compliance and security are so important in the Gaming and Hospitality industry, Wind Creek needed to optimize their approach to discovering and resolving these problem areas.

Now, they use Voxjar to automatically flag calls that are most likely to contain a coachable moment.

Within a month of implementation, their Quality Management team went from sampling 80 calls to find 1 coaching opportunity down to 10 calls, at most, flagged by Voxjar.
They’re only focusing on the calls that matter now, instead of searching for needles in a haystack, and are 8x more effective in doing so.


“[our improvement] can be attributed to [Voxjar] being able to find those needles in the multitude of haystacks of interactions and being able to pinpoint the precise coaching moments.”

WFO Manager

Image 2: Voxjar’s Conversation search engine

Increase Guest Engagement Metrics by 30%

Wind Creek places guest engagement at the top of their list. They designed metrics to promote agent behavior that keeps guests engaged with a highly personalized experience.



“It’s important for our team members to engage with our guests and leave them with a feeling of belonging and importance. Being able to review more calls and see where our agents may be faltering has allowed us to coach and ultimately improve our guests’ experiences, making them feel more valued.”

WFO Manager

Improving agents’ performance across these metrics was a major objective at Wind Creek for the 12 months prior to implementing Voxjar, yet they were struggling to move the needle.



“We had challenges ensuring our team members were engaging with our guests. Having this platform, we have been able to find those that may be struggling in this area. Using Voxjar, we have been able to identify scenarios where team members may typically have challenges engaging with our guests. Using this information, we have been able to coach our team members and give them tips and suggestions on what they can do to make sure they hit all the necessary points.”

WFO Manager


Their Voxjar analyst worked with Derrick and his team to establish a baseline of current agent performance and continues to help identify coachable moments.

They’ve identified outlier agents that need additional training and coaching as well as their star agents that go the extra mile on every call.

Additionally, they’ve learned that agents are 2x as likely to have a personalized conversation with guests (one of their main engagement metrics) on calls over 3 minutes long and that engagement takes a noticeable dip on Saturdays and Sundays.

Derrick uses these insights, among others, to guide his team in targeted coaching. They’ve seen individual reps improve by as much as 127% (image 3) using this method and overall performance on guest engagement metrics grow by 30% (image 4)


“Now, we are at just over 6 months of working with the Voxjar team, and we have seen tremendous improvement with our team members hitting the mark in areas they were previously falling short on.
On top of that, Voxjar has always been open to hearing our recommendations on product enhancements. This is huge when it comes to being able to fulfill the needs of our growing business. I appreciate all they have been able to do for us and look forward to a continued partnership as our respective businesses grow.”

WFO Manager

Image 3: 127% improvement from 26% to 59% after targeted coaching

Image 4: 29.8% improvement from 47% to 61%

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