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Landvoice needed to optimize their sales conversations around the topics that resonate with their leads.

It was a time-consuming process for them to manually listen to call recordings to uncover high converting sales language, and they couldn’t listen to more than a handful of calls per agent each month.

Additionally, coaching their reps to use new language and tracking their reps’ conversations after coaching was very time-intensive for both managers and sales reps.

By using Voxjar, they’ve been able to…

Solution 1: Test and Track Sales Language Across 100% of Their Reps’ Phone Calls

Landvoice can now measure their reps’ conversations across every phone call. They are able to search the contents of each call for specific topics and language then visualize those searches with custom charts and dashboards within Voxjar.

Once put into practice, Landvoice started A/B testing different value statements across their sales reps then connecting that language to conversion rates.

Solution 2: Centralize and Optimize Call Coaching

Before Voxjar, Landvoice’s sales manager had to use multiple tools to track down and access call recordings before doing a one-on-one coaching session. These sessions were limited by what their manager could learn from listening to a handful of call recordings.

With Voxjar, they now analyze conversations at scale, listen to calls, give feedback to reps, and share exceptional calls with the whole team all in one software.

Outcome: 20% Increase in Revenue

Within the first month of A/B testing their value statements, Landvoice connected specific conversation topics to higher conversion rates which led to reps generating 20% more revenue.



“Voxjar has been a game-changer for us. Not only did we see revenue growth, but the time it takes to coach our reps has dropped noticeably.”


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