Automated QA and Call Coaching at scale for RingCentral customers
  • Automatically spotlight coaching opportunities on my reps’ phone calls
  • Engage with my reps immediately and in context to improve performance
  • Easily access any call recording for life
  • Reps can self-coach and learn from their peers‘ successful calls

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RingCentral and Voxjar Benefits

RingCentral Transcripts

Automatically transcribe, analyze, and index every RingCentral phone call using advanced machine learning algorithms.

Easily search conversations for the behaviors that matter.

Conversation Analytics Dashboard

At a glance, understand the quality of your reps’ conversations and identify who needs coaching and what skills to train on.

Fully customizable. Only track what matters to you.

Targeted QA and Coaching

Deliver targeted coaching feedback instantly on the calls that matter.

Use customizable forms and time-stamped comments that are shared directly with your reps.

Agent Self Coaching and Peer Coaching

Give your reps the transparency they crave with access to their own call recordings, evaluations, and coaching feedback.

Utilize a company-wide best practices library of real phone calls so they can learn from their peers’ best conversations.

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