The Top 7 Call Center Quality Assurance Software Solutions

Your search for the best quality assurance software for your call center can get overwhelming, fast.

At Voxjar we hear this from potential customers all the time. Between word of mouth, existing vendor solutions, and searching through Google with a magnifying glass it can be tough to know who to trust.

While Voxjar offers an end-to-end Speech Analytics QA solution and are confident that we can help you solve your call monitoring needs, we believe that you should explore the entire landscape before making a decision.

For that reason we’ve put together a list of our competitors who we think do the best work in the industry for you to evaluate in comparison.

The QA Software Contenders

Manual Quality Assurance Solutions

These vendors are great options for you if you want to optimize a traditional approach to quality assurance in your call center where you randomly sample and manually review conversations.

Any one of these solutions should make your team many times more productive.
In our experience, a 3-7x improvement is pretty normal when you bring a purpose built QA software into your organization to streamline manual reviews.

Scorebuddy QA
Founded in 2001
Based in Dublin Ireland

Scorebuddy consistently gets good reviews from their customers and is regularly improving their product. Scorebuddy also offers a learning management solution and they recently added text analytics in order to search chat, support tickets, and more.
They also provide an easy to launch free trial without the need to speak to their sales team first.

Scorebuddy strikes me as more of an SMB solution with their transparent pricing and easy free trial.

Scorebuddy pricing

In the United States, Scorebuddy prices per user per month between $15.60 and $37.80 each.

Founded in 2012
Based in Sunnyvale California

Playvox, like most silicon valley startups, raised venture capital money to scale to their size quickly and have seen enormous growth. Their platform includes a learning management system and allows you to survey your agents to measure their satisfaction. Playvox does offer a free trial but you have to talk to sales to get started.

My impression of Playvox is that they are targeting larger enterprises. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t putting resources towards SMB though.

Playvox pricing

Playvox does not currently publish their pricing, requiring you to speak with sales first. In late 2019 though, their published pricing was per user per month and ranged from $20 to $45 each. (current) (2019 pricing)

Founded in 2017
Based in Estonia

Klaus has a unique take on marketing that really stands out from the crowd with their mascot. Although Klausapp is more targeted towards evaluating your help desk tickets and chat conversations, they deserve a look due to their excellent design and their integration with Aircall.

Klaus has an easy sign up process that does not require that you speak with sales to launch an account.

Klausapp pricing

Klaus does not publish their pricing and requires that you speak with their sales team.

Automated Quality Assurance Solutions: Speech Analytics

The next two vendors will hopefully introduce you to a new approach to quality assurance in your call center, powered by artificial intelligence and big data.

Speech analytics has sometimes had an iffy reputation but modern solutions have put that to rest through a focus on user experience, customer training, and setting the appropriate expectations around outcomes.

When applied to a quality assurance task, speech analytics can analyze 100% of your reps’ phone calls and automatically flag the conversations that need to be reviewed by a QA manager or team lead.

The best solutions also have the flexibility to be applied to any business need that centers around your customer phone calls, have a clear and timely path to ROI, and partner with their customers to ensure success.

The downsides of speech analytics generally boil down to a lack of support, overly complicated interfaces, and marketing the software as a magic solution to all of your problems.

Founded in 2002
Based in Waltham Massachusetts

CallMiner is one of the OG speech analytics vendors and has done a better job than most of making the transition from an on premise solution to a modern cloud based solution. They offer many modules and add ons to their core speech analytics software that allows you customize the solution to your needs.

CallMiner requires you to contact sales before creating an account and their customer base tends to be larger organizations.

CallMiner pricing

CallMiner does not currently publish their pricing on their website and requires that you speak to a sales rep for a quote.

They have published their pricing in the past and many of our current customers were formerly customers of CallMiner who report that pricing is per hour of ingested call recordings (for transcription) and that the price can vary widely depending on your call volume.

I’d expect to pay somewhere between $1.20 – $2/hr of call recordings.

Founded in 2013
Based in Austin Texas

Tether is an enterprise grade conversation analytics platform that focuses on the Voice of the Customer and ease of use for everyday users. They have some cool out of the box metrics like their Tethr Effort Score and some great shortcuts for setting up new analytics categories.

Tethr is definitely an enterprise solution and as such requires you to contact their sales team to access the software or learn about pricing.

Tethr pricing

Tethr does not publish their pricing, but we have heard from our customers that the pricing is based on the number of hours of call recordings ingested (transcribed) and that it depends on your call volume.

Similar to CallMiner, I’d expect to pay somewhere between $1.20 – $2/hr of call recordings.

Call Recording Platforms

There are a handful of stand alone call recording solutions that also come with some form of quality assurance tools.

Though these solutions are often never seen by the end user you can actually deploy them yourself for more control over your data or to replace your current call recordings with high definition recordings.

Founded in 2005
Based in Chicago Illinois

Orecx is our go to recommendation for anyone looking to upgrade their call recordings to the highest standard, usually to generate the most accurate transcripts for speech analytics. They also have a built in quality management module.

It’s an easy solution for IT to deploy and works exceptionally well in on-premise environments. Orecx works smoothly with customers of all sizes, from small 5 person sales teams to 10,000+ seat contact centers.

Orecx is an open source solution and provides a free version of their software. For commercial licenses you’ll need to contact their sales team.

Orecx pricing

Orecx has flexible pricing structures depending on your size and needs. In our experience their pricing will typically be a few dollars per month per recorded user and starts with a free 30-day trial.


Do I need to say more?

If you aren’t currently using spreadsheets to manage your quality assurance program then you probably have before. And I understand. Sometimes a spreadsheet is just what you need.

We’ve had over 2,000 QA professionals download our free Google Sheets call monitoring template before making the leap to a paid solution. And many never need to.

When you’re on a small team, just launching the quality assurance program in your call center, or on a tight budget a spreadsheet is exactly the right solution.

Don’t feel the need to start investing in a solution until you’re sure it will be worth it. Using Excel or Google Sheets lets you establish a process with ultimate flexibility.

When you’re ready to move up to a purpose built solution don’t forget to come back to this post!

I will update it as we gather new information so you can get a head start on your search when the time is right.

And there you have it! 7 great options to start or finish your search for quality assurance software.

The Voxjar Difference

We do not shy away from competition and strongly believe that it improves your outcome as a customer. Please check out all of our competitors on this list and anywhere else you can find them.

We believe in partnering with you as a customer and that means helping you find the right solution regardless of whether or not it’s us.

When you’re ready to do your comparisons, we’d love to be on your list, too. Reach out, start a free account, and you won’t be disappointed.

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