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plus 24 free AI Credits on signup

Usage Based AI Pricing

Each AI evaluation uses 1 credit per every 5 minutes of audio evaluated. Each AI chat uses 1 credit per 5 message turns. You have full control over which calls get evaluated and chatted with.

Find out how many credits you need with the credit calculator

monthly $399 $2500 /month

Full Monty

Lowest price per credit 
$0.069 /credit


36,000 credits per month
up to 3,000 hours of calls
Feed Me Data Now

True AI call evaluations

AI chat with your call transcripts


monthly $399 $1200 /month


Most Popular Choice
$0.08 /credit
33% off pay as you go


15,000 credits per month
up to 1,250 hours of calls
Automate My QA

True AI call evaluations

AI chat with your call transcripts


monthly $399 $500 /month


Easy entry point
$0.104 /credit


4,800 credits per month
up to 400 hours of calls
Augment My Team

True AI call evaluations

AI chat with your call transcripts



monthly $399 $ user/month

Pay as you go

$12 minimum
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How Many AI Credits Do I Need?

Credits Needed per Month:

(1 credit per 5 min)

Suggested Plan:


How do credit refills work?

When you subscribe to a credit bundle you will immediately receive the number of credits that your plan provides. Your credits will be available until your next subscription payment, when your account will be topped up to your plan's number of credits.

If you run out of credits before your refill, you can upgrade your subscription, or purchase more credits one-off, to continue using Voxjar's AI evaluator and AI chat until your scheduled refill.

If you aren't using all of the credits supplied by your plan you can downgrade your subscription or cancel and pay as you go.

What is an AI Credit?

Voxjar's AI credits are used  to power all of Voxjar's AI features. The AI evaluator uses 1 credit for every 5 minutes of audio it evaluates. So a 1 hour call uses 12 AI credits. An automated transcript uses the same amount of credits as the evaluator and Voxjar's AI discovery uses 1 credit for every 5 messages in a new chat thread (1 credit to initiate the chat includes the first 5 messages).

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

You do not need a credit card to sign up. You can use Voxjar's Quality Assurance Software for free without a credit card and will only need a credit card if you decide to purchase AI credits for Voxjar's AI evaluator and other AI features.

Can I try the AI evaluator without a credit card?

Yes! Every new account gets 24 free AI credits, no credit card required.

Can I add agents to my team?

Not yet. Our roadmap includes agent accounts with dashboards and notifications, but right now we only support Admin and Evaluator users.

Is my data safe with you?

Yes! We have been working with our customers' phone calls and transcripts for nearly a decade and understand how important it is to protect it and give you control over how it's used. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, we do not use your data to train our models without explicit permission, your data is purged on request or when you close your account with us, and access is limited by security best practices.

Please contact us if you have unique security requirements.

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