Voxjar’s Pricing Scales With Your Business

Raise the Bar on your Customer Conversations

Plans start with a free 14-day trial


$270 per month

includes 300 hrs of calls,
then only 1¢ – 1.5¢ per min

All features including Call Transcriptions, Voice Analytics, QA, and Call Coaching
12-month data history
Unlimited users
Great for SMBs and growing companies


Custom Pricing

Everything in Growth
High volume discounts (3,000 hrs+/mo)
Custom data history
Private deployment options
White glove trial

Not sure which plan to choose?

Add On Services

Jumpstart Onboarding

Jumpstart Onboarding provides up to two months of one-on-one or group consulting with a Voxjar expert and technical support services (direct access to Voxjar engineers) for your IT team.

Perfect for those implementing Voxjar’s API or for QA/Coaching teams of 3+.



Fully Managed

Instantly add decades of experience to your team with Voxjar’s expert analysts.

No learning curve for your team, no need to hire a FTE as a dedicated analyst, and no stress waiting for your ROI. 

Best for companies who want to dive deep into speech analytics.


Core features included with each plan:

Call Transcription

Call recordings are automatically transcribed into searchable text and linked with the audio for easy access in Voxjar.

Your transcripts are automatically cleared of credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses, and other personally identifiable information.
Speech/Voice Analytics
Voxjar provides full-featured speech and voice analytics to measure and improve conversations at scale. Track words and phrases, emotion, dead-air, and more.
Conversation Search Engine
Search across thousands of phone conversations in seconds for the words, phrases, emotions, and patterns that matter to your company.
Call Analytics
Track call volume, handle time, call distribution, and any other call metrics from the highest level down to individual agents.
Emotion Detection
Machine learning algorithms listen to voice patterns in your call recordings for emotions the same way you or I do.
Custom Dashboards
Fully customizable dashboards let you visualize the metrics that matter to you. Thinks like conversation topics, call distribution, agent behavior, and customer responses.
Call Playback
Play your calls, jump forward and backward, playback up to 2x faster, voice wave visualization, and more.
Call Coaching
Attach notes to specific points of a call recording, share calls with your reps, attach custom feedback forms, and save the best calls in a company-wide call library.
Quality Assurance
Customizable scorecards, Call Randomizer workflow, call playback, and share feedback directly with your reps.
API Access
Free access to Voxjar’s GraphQL API
Built on Google’s infrastructure for reliability and security, PCI, HIPAA, redaction, and user management.
Data Residency

USA, deployment in other countries available   talk to sales for more options

Your call recordings are automatically transcribed into searchable text and accessible wit each call recording
Dynamic Metadata Filters
Your call recordings are automatically transcribed into searchable text and accessible wit each call recording
Email and in-app alerts are sent to your reps when you leave feedback on their calls.
Out-of-the-box integrations between Voxjar and popular communication platforms. Your platform not on the list? We’ll build a customized integration to get your system connected to ours.

Plan Differentiators

Product Features
Call Volume
up to 3,000 hrs/mo
Volume Discounts
3 tiers
Data History
12 months
Email, Phone, SMS
White Glove Trial
Private Deployment
Available Add-on
Security Consultation
Available Add-on
Added legal protection (BAA, Data Processing Agreement, etc)
Available Add-on
Custom Speech Recognizer
Available Add-on

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