Auto QA Your Calls with Voxjar's AI Evaluator

Voxjar's AI Evaluator uses the world's best Large Language Models to power 100% automated call scoring. 
No complicated search queries or keyword spotting.

Simply write normal, human-friendly questions and Voxjar automatically captures the answers at scale.
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AI Call monitoring Form templates

AI Evaluation Form Builder +Templates

Any scorecard you create in Voxjar is compatible with Voxjar's AI evaluator, automatically.

Voxjar's AI evaluator uses large language models to naturally understand the same scorecards your human quality analysts use. You can start scoring calls using AI in just a few minutes. 

If you don't have a scorecard already, you can use the scorecard templates that are prebuilt in Voxjar.

Use them as-is or rebuild from the ground up in Voxjar's scorecard builder.


call monitoring form template and builder

Want to try a template with our AI evaluator?

Just drag and drop a call recording, select a scorecard template, and you're done.

Don't worry, we encrypt and protect any data sent to us, and will purge it if you decide not to use Voxjar.

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Automated Call scoring

Automate or Augment Your Call Quality Assurance

Voxjar's AI evaluator can be triggered manually on any call or run automatically based on rules you create.

Within a few moments, your call will be scored with a note on each response describing why the AI made it's selection.

Voxjar's AI evaluator lets you augment your manual call monitoring or fully automate your call scoring.

The power to do either is yours.

Scaleable Reporting

Easily Review Your AI Scores

Voxjar's AI evaluator can generate thousands of call scores every day. We've built our reporting with this in mind.

You can review aggregated scores of a specific scorecard, or drill down and see the AI's response to a single question along with it's reason for making that selection.


ai call evaluations
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SCore Calibration

Compare AI and Human Scores

Track the differences between each of your call evaluators including Voxjar's AI evaluator.

A calibration session assigns the same call and same scorecard to different evaluators to make sure everyone is aligned. Quickly identify variance in responses so you can adjust your scorecard questions for the AI or create new training for your quality analysts.

call center qa calibration session