About Us

Our Mission

Voxjar was founded to automate call monitoring. As an agent in a couple of call centers, our founder was annoyed when bonuses were paid out based on a tiny sample of call evaluations. Usually just 3 or 4 reviews per month. That problem stuck with him, and he started Voxjar with the goal to solve it.

Our History

In 2015 Voxjar was started to fully automate call evaluations. Eventually, we realized that the technology wasn't there yet. So, we made some adjustments and ended up in the speech analytics business. Our software transcribed tens of millions of phone calls for our customers and helped them mine those transcripts for useful business insights.

In 2021 we exited the speech analytics business when we sold our analytics product to one of our channel partners.

Then, around March 2023, after helping our partner integrate their new product, our founder got the itch to build something new for the Voxjar audience.

Most of our website visitors didn't need an enterprise grade analytics solution. They wanted spreadsheet templates and forms.

So he started working on a simple call monitoring form builder, with prebuilt templates. The hope was to build a small lifestyle business and solve problems for Voxjar fans.

Enter ChatGPT.

Almost immediately, ChatGPT became an obvious enhancement for the new Voxjar to let users chat with their call transcripts.

Eventually, our founder had the idea to connect our scorecard builder with large language models to generate automated scores. That changed everything.

The original vision of Voxjar was re-ignited and powered by a new generation of AI technology to power our AI evaluator.

And here we are today. Hopeful that you'll give Voxjar a shot and that we can help each other navigate this new Digital Labor environment.

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Our Leadership Team

Curtis Brown


Curtis Brown founded and led Voxjar through our speech analytics days, guided us through exiting that space, and is the builder of Voxjar's new evolution. He spent some time as a call center agent during a (long) hiatus from college and has nearly a decade of experience building software and leading teams in this space.

Our Blog

We believe in equipping our customers with the latest best practices and insights. Our blog serves as a platform where we share our experiences, strategies, and tips. Be sure to check it out here.

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