Contact Center Quality Assurance Software Overview

Voxjar provides a complete call quality monitoring product, at zero cost.

That doesn't mean we held back on quality or features, though. We need a strong foundation to support our AI evaluator.

Team friendly with easy data collection, auto work assignment, reporting, and native AI to augment or automate your quality monitoring.

It's everything you need to kick spreadsheets to the curb or replace your current overpriced QA software.
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VOXJAR Integrates With
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Quality monitoring Form templates and builder

Call Monitoring Form Builder with Templates

It's hard to know where to start when you're building a new scorecard. That's why we added scorecard templates to Voxjar.

Take them as they are or completely rebuild them with our scorecard builder.

Any scorecard you build in Voxjar is automatically compatible with our AI evaluator.

Large language models are built into our software so you can share the same scorecard with your human evaluators and with Voxjar's AI evaluator to augment or automate your call monitoring.

No specialty queries or keyword searches needed.


Check out our templates
call monitoring form template and builder

Want to try a template with our AI evaluator?

Just drag and drop a call recording, select a scorecard template, and you're done.

Don't worry, we encrypt and protect any data sent to us, and will purge it if you decide not to use Voxjar.

Drill down reporting

Zoom In and Out on Your Call Evaluations 

Get the 30,000 foot view from your dashboard, then drill down to see responses to individual questions on any scorecard.

Responses are aggregated and labelled so it's easy to navigate to a specific problem on a specific call.

It's just as easy to use when you have a small team of quality analysts or are evaluating thousands of calls each month with Voxjar's AI evaluator.

aggregate scorecard responses in voxjar


Integrate with the platforms you use

Voxjar integrates with cloud storage providers, FTP servers, and popular telephony platforms to make data collection automatic and controllable.

Each integration pulls call recordings and metadata according to the rules that you set so we're only working with the data that you want.

We regularly add new integrations. Let us know if you don't see your platform.

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quality assurance with voxjar's work queue

Automated Work Queues

Automatic Call Collection and Assignment

Once you've integrated your telephony platform or call recording storage, you can tell Voxjar which calls to download and how often to do it.

Voxjar will automatically pull call recordings from your data sources and assign them to your quality analysts or to Voxjar's AI evaluator based on your rules.

Voxjar will add your quality analysts' assignments to their work queue, where they can listen to and score calls.

Or, if you use Voxjar's AI evaluator, you will start seeing scores just a few minutes later.

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Calibration sessions

Compare Your Quality Analysts and Voxjar's AI Evaluator

Are your quality analysts evaluating calls the way they've been trained? Be sure they are with Voxjar's calibration session.

Assign the same call and scorecard to your quality monitoring team, even include Voxjar's AI evaluator, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

call center qa calibration session

AI Chat with your calls

Use AI to Discover New Insights

Voxjar automatically converts your call transcripts into a Large Language Model friendly format so you can chat directly with your call transcripts.

Ask the LLM questions about small batches of your calls to uncover issues that you can then add to your scorecards and track at scale.

When you chat with multiple calls, Voxjar's AI chat will link directly to the relevant portion of the call and automatically save your chat history.

chat with your call recordings with voxjar