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How to Prompt Your AI

Prompting is how you interact with Large Language Models. The beauty of LLMs is that you can give instructions in plain english and get responses in plain english. In Voxjar, prompts are created using the questions, examples, and other inputs you create in the Scorecard builder.

If you need to tweak how the AI is responding, we give you full control to direct your AI evaluator without needing to be a prompting expert. Just describe what you need.

Scorecard/System Prompt

Every scorecard has a high level guiding prompt. This is also known as a system prompt. A system prompt is a special message that guides the language model.

Language models adhere closely to system prompts, so you can use them prompt to set the stage and describe how the AI should interpret the calls it's reviewing.

All scorecards are set with a default prompt, but you can easily test different prompts in the scorecard editor or get in touch and we'll help you dial in your scorecards for AI.

system prompting in voxjar

Question Prompts

Voxjar AI evaluator Question prompt builder

Each question you add to your scorecard is converted into a structured prompt.

Bare minimum, it contains the question and the possible answers.

But you can juice it up with an explanation and examples that direct the AI on how to interpret and answer the question.


Prompt View

Sometimes viewing the prompt will spark inspiration on how to phrase an explanation.

Click "View AI Prompt" on any question and you will see how the prompt is structured.

raw llm prompt for call centers

Test Your Prompts

Be sure to test your questions to make sure the AI evaluator is doing a good job.

On the top right of the editor panel of each question you can click "Test This Question" to launch the AI tester.

Upload a sample call recording once and you'll be able to use it for any future testing.

test llm prompts before deploying