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Connect Voxjar to your RingCentral account

The magic of Voxjar is unlocked by connecting it to your RingCentral account. You can install Voxjar from RingCentral's App Gallery or from within your Voxjar account.

Once connected, you'll have fine grained control over which calls get evaluated.

Assign them to your human quality analysts or to Voxjar's AI evaluator.

ringcentral's integration partner login screen for authorizing 3rd party apps

Create custom RingCentral queues for call scoring

You'll use Voxjar to create custom queues. Queues automatically find call recordings in RingCentral and assigns them to your human quality analysts or to Voxjar's AI evaluator.

Customize your RingCentral queues with filters pulled directly from your RingCentral account.

  • RingCentral agent id
  • RingCentral agent name
  • RingCentral customer name
  • RingCentral customer phone number
  • RingCentral call id
  • RingCentral call duration
  • RingCentral queue name
  • RingCentral internal calls

Or with standard Voxjar filters

  • number of calls evaluated per agent
  • total number of calls per queue cycle
  • call direction
  • calculated call duration

You can also set evaluation rules

  • select a required scorecard
  • set an evaluation deadline for your QA team
  • select the evaluators who should review calls from this queue
  • select Voxjar's AI evaluator for call scoring
  • set a time window for data selection (pull calls from x days ago)

Review your RingCentral QA scores

Once you’ve created your queues, they will run automatically on the schedule you've selected. You'll receive notifications keeping you up to speed, or you can monitor your QA team's progress in Voxjar.

If you've used Voxjar's AI evaluator you'll start seeing results in minutes instead of days or weeks from your human quality assurance team.


example of ai quality assurance score for a ringcentral phone call

Want to see what an AI evaluation looks like? We'll give you one for free.


Just drag and drop a call recording, select a scorecard template, and your done.

Don't worry, we encrypt and protect any data sent to us, and will purge it if you decide not to use Voxjar.

RingCentral Best Practices for Quality Assurance Software

Preparing your RingCentral account for AI evaluations is easy. After connecting your account, Voxjar does all of the heavy lifting and provides you with simple tools to make call monitoring extremely efficient and effective.

For the best results you can make small adjustments to your RingCentral account.

Improve RingCentral's Call Recording Quality

By default, RingCentral records your phone calls in a compressed mp3 format. Voxjar can work with these recordings for automated call scoring, but converting them to uncompressed wav files will ensure the highest quality evaluations possible.

To make this adjustment to your RingCentral account, you'll need to contact RingCentral's technical support and have them follow these steps. 

  1. Go to your account
  2. Click on Mailboxes
  3. Click Edit under “Compression Type”
  4. Set Call Recording Compression to “Uncompressed”
  5. Repeat these steps for every single extension in your account

Tip: Sometimes the support rep will confuse voicemail recording and call recording. Make sure they are changing the call recording compression.


RingCentral Call Recording Speaker Separation : Mono vs Stereo

RingCentral records your calls in Mono format. This means that all speakers on a call are recorded in one combined audio stream. That makes it harder for the AI to determine who said what. Luckily Voxjar's AI evaluator can infer the differences between speakers based on their speech patterns.

Stereo format is when all sides of the call are recorded in separate streams. This gives the AI a perfect map of who is speaking and when they are speaking and creates an even better AI evaluation. RingCentral does not currently support stereo call recordings.

Send a request to your RingCentral contacts and ask for stereo call recordings!


Integrate with the platforms you use

Voxjar integrates with cloud storage providers, FTP servers, and popular telephony platforms to make data collection automatic and controllable.

Each integration pulls call recordings and metadata according to the rules that you set so we're only working with the data that you want.

We regularly add new integrations. Let us know if you don't see your platform.

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