Evaluate Your Call Recordings in S3 with Artificial Intelligence

Connect your S3 buckets with Voxjar for easy AI call evaluations. 
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Connect Voxjar to your S3 bucket

Unlock Voxjar's power by integrating with your AWS S3 buckets. You can connect with S3 from within your Voxjar account.

Once integrated, you'll have fine grained control over which calls get evaluated.

Assign them to your human quality analysts or to Voxjar's AI evaluator.

s3 integration modal in voxjar

Map your metadata

Voxjar will prompt you to map your metadata files from S3 to fields in Voxjar. 

Metadata can be parsed from audio file names, json files, or a csv file.

Once your mappings are saved, they will be used as filters throughout Voxjar for reporting and for deciding which call recordings should be pulled from your storage buckets.


Create AWS S3 queues for call monitoring

Build custom queues in Voxjar to automatically find call recordings in your S3 buckets and assign them to your quality assurance team or to Voxjar's AI evaluator.

Customize your S3 queues with filters pulled from your metadata maps.

Or with standard Voxjar filters:

  • number of calls evaluated per agent
  • total number of calls per queue cycle
  • call direction
  • calculated call duration

You can also set rules for evaluation queues

  • choose a required scorecard
  • assign an evaluation deadline for your quality monitoring team
  • select the users who should evaluate calls from this queue
  • select Voxjar's AI evaluator to score calls
  • create a window for data collection (pull calls from x days ago)

Review your S3 call recording scores

Once you’ve created your queues, calls will automatically be pulled into Voxjar on the schedule you've selected. You'll get notifications when the queues complete, or you can watch your quality monitoring team's progress in Voxjar.

When you use Voxjar's AI evaluator you'll see results in minutes instead of days or weeks from your human QA team.


example of ai quality assurance score for a phone call

Want to see what an AI evaluation looks like? We'll give you one for free.


Just drag and drop a call recording, select a scorecard template, and your done.

Don't worry, we encrypt and protect any data sent to us, and will purge it if you decide not to use Voxjar.

Best Practices for AWS S3 Call Recordings 

Setting up your S3 buckets for AI evaluations is easy. After linking your account, Voxjar does the hard work and provides you with simple tools to make call scoring extremely efficient and effective.

Your Call Recording Quality

Voxjar can process audio files recording in mp3, wav, flac and many other formats. For the best results, though, record in an uncompressed or lossless format. 

If you can't, don't stress. Voxjar uses cutting edge speech recognition and large language models for the best possible results with all formats.

Call Recording Speaker Separation : Mono vs Stereo

Recording your calls in stereo format means that each speakers on a call are recorded in separate audio streams. This let's Voxjar's AI evaluator identify exactly who said what without guessing.

If you can't record in stereo, Voxjar's AI evaluator can infer the differences between speakers based on their speech patterns with high accuracy.


Integrate with the platforms you use

Voxjar integrates with cloud storage providers, FTP servers, and popular telephony platforms to make data collection automatic and controllable.

Each integration pulls call recordings and metadata according to the rules that you set so we're only working with the data that you want.

We regularly add new integrations. Let us know if you don't see your platform.

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