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How Important is First Call Resolution for SMB Contact Centers?

First Call Resolution (FCR) is arguably the most important metric for small and midsize contact centers to track. As the name suggests, a First Call Resolution is a call that gets resolved by the support rep on the first call. Despite the importance of tracking FCR, small and midsize contact centers are often at a […]

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The History of Call Centers [Timeline]

1876 March 10 First Phone Call Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call on March 10, 1876. The first words spoken were to his assistant: “Watson — come here — I want to see you” 1950s Mid 1950's Computer-Based Call Answering In the mid-1950’s computer-based systems replaced the manual process of routing phone calls. […]

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4 Vital Business Upgrades Made Possible by Call Analytics

Marketers have gone through a vast array of material to brush up their knowledge on how to best communicate a brand’s value. They’ve spent thousands, sometimes even millions, on campaigns that build brand equity and drive conversions, and searched far and wide for the most effective methods to assess marketing strategies. Yet nobody worth believing […]

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