4 Vital Business Upgrades Made Possible by Call Analytics

Marketers have gone through a vast array of material to brush up their knowledge on how to best communicate a brand’s value. They’ve spent thousands, sometimes even millions, on campaigns that build brand equity and drive conversions, and searched far and wide for the most effective methods to assess marketing strategies.

Yet nobody worth believing has discovered a surefire way to ensure success for a brand. Even the best in the business go through slumps—where their carefully planned and painstakingly crafted communications materials fail to translate into tangible results through actual sales.

But this is no cause for worry, as many new technologies make strategic planning a little bit easier by augmenting the capabilities of conventional ways of doing business with the power of information. Take sales calls and call tracking systems, for example. If, in the past, the strategy was used simply as a way to close sales and little more, today it’s able to transcend its traditional purpose by taking on a more active role in generating business analytics that often prove crucial in driving performance.

Read on to discover more about how the old and new merge to provide invaluable upgrades to your business.

Track the Performance of Each Marketing Channel

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Marketing is both an art and a science. As an art, it demands that its practitioners exercise their creativity and let their imaginations run wild; as a science, it requires a precise combination of tools and techniques which allow them to evaluate their strategies while delivering concrete results. It’s intricate, time-sensitive, and demands a high threshold for adaptation—especially in today’s environment where the science of marketing is more complex than ever. With marketers gaining quicker and easier access to multitudes of insight-generating data, we see stronger and more effective campaign strategies popping up across the field.

Call tracking systems are an integral part of these developments. They allow you to understand the impact of each campaign, and see which among them truly drive sales. By generating a set of placeholder phone numbers that can be used to “tag” specific campaigns and keywords, they pointing you in the right direction and give a clear idea how all your efforts and resources translate into actual conversions—or more importantly, how they don’t.

Review the Performance of Your Sales Team

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Traditionally, sales agents hold two very demanding jobs: conversing with customers to sell them a product or service, and transcribing those conversations word-for-word. Because their attention is aimed at two different tasks at once, their performance is compromised, and repeated sales rep errors might go unnoticed.

Bid inefficiencies goodbye with a potent call monitoring system that automates recording and transcription of customer interactions, directing your agents’ undivided attention to the more crucial task of engaging in good sales conversation with your customers. Not only does this allow your agents to work more efficiently, but it gives you and your fellow managers the chance to track each call at your own leisure, see what works for each agent, and assess their areas for improvement.

Get to Know Your Leads and Customers

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Call analytics provides your business with dense bundles of data from which strategic customer insight can be extracted. Study your extensive call history to identify who your most frequent callers are, what they ask about, what questions turn up most frequently, etc. With a stronger grasp of who your customers are and what they need, you can isolate parts of your strategy that work best for resolving issues and generating sales. This lets you create better targeting to reach the intended audience, and ultimately provides you with an clearer idea of how you can personalize your marketing efforts to forge stronger connections with potential buyers.

Know Your Incoming Call Trends

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You’ll find a lot of material online telling you how to deliver the best sales calls, but we find that they boil down to one simple message: throw in a personal touch. Conceptually, the best thing for a sales agent is to treat each call as an exercise in reaching people, rather than a chance to execute a sales pitch.

The secret to pulling it off? Customer insights.

Data gathered from sales calls gives you a peek into what your clients are truly interested in. When analyzing sales calls, pay attention to the volume, duration, and most common topics of conversation and watch as trends slowly emerge, showing the most immediate and pressing concerns of customers. This should give you an idea of what you can do to better equip the members of your sales team with the right tools and techniques for all possible situations. An exhaustive list of Frequently Asked Questions gleaned from call analytics insights will keep you prepared for all possible needs of your consumer, ensuring optimal customer service at all times.


While it might be easy to assume that businesses run more smoothly today than before due to all the latest tech developments, many inexperienced marketers and business owners suffer from analysis paralysis. The options that modern business and technology offer can be staggering, and some marketers end up deciding not to utilize them at all.

Be one of the savvy ones, and learn how to harness the power of technology to your advantage. The latest software makes it more convenient to design effective strategies for your business’ growth and performance. Since business is ultimately a numbers game, stay one step ahead of others using a call tracking system that shines a bright light on your opportunities—after all, nobody wants to be left in the dark.

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