AI-Powered Speech Analytics

Improve conversations at scale with Voxjar’s complete Voice Analytics toolkit.

Drive higher conversion rates, reduce friction in the customer journey, ensure compliance, and more.


Conversation Search Engine

Take advantage of Voxjar’s machine learning algorithms to transcribe, index, and analyze every call recording in your business.

Each conversation is analyzed to measure metrics like dead air and emotion. Then they’re converted to searchable text that you can search ad hoc or create metrics that are continuously and automatically tracked any time a new transcript is created.

The conversation search engine is the foundation of Voxjar’s analytics toolkit and is used to analyze conversation at scale, build lovely data visualizations, spotlight coaching opportunities, and multiply your QA efforts.

Discover your highest converting sales language, shine a light on common customer complaints, ensure compliance, and drive better conversations for your customers with reliable data.

Custom Dashboards and Charts

Build custom data visualizations to understand the quality of your reps’ conversations at a glance.

Use them to share data easily with the team and update the boss. No need to export raw data to another tool or battle spreadsheets to spot patterns.

Painlessly identify which reps are crushing it and which ones need a little more attention, spot trends in a heartbeat, and catch red flags immediately instead of weeks or months later.

Emotion Detection

Enhance your data beyond transcripts with another machine learning algorithm that measures the emotions on each phone call.

Designed to listen to the tone, volume, rate of speech, and so much more.

Voxjar can tell you where each and every call falls on a spectrum of five different emotions- anger, fear, sadness, happiness, and neutral.

Powerful Customized Filtering

Slice and dice your data in every possible way. Voxjar is built on a flexible, powerful filtering system that you control.

Want to see that one call that came in last Christmas Eve from El Paso to Tom in support that sounded kind of angry?

Piece. Of. Cake.

Dynamic Metadata

Attach any data you want to each call and use that data to filter, sort, search, and analyze conversations.

Send deal size with each sales call or NPS with support calls. Attach hire date, personality type, age, favorite color…literally whatever you want to make your data more effective.


Speech recognition is continuously improving and you can expect cutting-edge accuracy from Voxjar.

Raw transcript accuracy fluctuates depending on a variety of variables like rate of speech, accent, background noise, recording file compression, etc.

Analytics accuracy (search results) can generally hit over 90%.

API Access

You have full data control with Voxjar’s API. Add, edit, or remove data with the flexibility and ease of GraphQL.

Want to integrate Voxjar functionality in your own app? No problem.

Want to pipe data into another system? Easy peasy.

Want to add data to Voxjar after the fact? Done.

We love helping with your projects! Let us know if you have an idea that we can support you in.

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