Voxjar goes above and beyond to keep your data safe. From redacting personally identifiable information to utilizing the best in enterprise security.



Protecting your business and customer data is a responsibility that we take very seriously at Voxjar.

During processing, our platform automatically redacts Personally Identifiable Information like SSNs, phone numbers, addresses, and credit card information from every transcript.


All data sent to, processed by, and stored by Voxjar is encrypted with bank level security during transit and at rest.

Rest assured that your data is in safe hands.


Redaction, encryption, and more.

Voxjar stays on top of the most recent PCI security standards to ensure that all of our systems are in compliance.

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As a Business Associate, Voxjar has built-in systems to ensure your patients’ information is protected.

Encryption, restricted access, automatic log-off, and regular security audits are just of few of our security measures.

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Access Restriction

Limit who has access to any and all data in Voxjar.

Set up individual logins for everyone from the CEO down to individual Reps -limited by the appropriate permissions.

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