Integration Launch

Voxjar’s native TCN integration is one of our QuickLaunch integrations and requires that you have TCN admin permissions.

Before we can connect to your TCN account you’ll need to create three report templates for Voxjar in TCN as well as dedicated user credentials so Voxjar can access your templates and call recordings.




After creating Voxjar’s TCN templates and user credentials, click on the TCN logo and enter Voxjar’s newly created credentials on the integrations page or while going through the getting-started guide when you sign up for Voxjar.


After authorizing your integration between Voxjar and TCN you can review and update your Integration Settings. With these settings, you can limit the amount of call volume uploaded each month, toggle emotion detection, restrict call uploads by report, and filter out specific users from call uploads.


You can return and update these settings at any time.


TCN Call Recording Quality

TCN records your calls as dual channel WAV files. This is excellent for Call Transcripts. Not only will the accuracy be higher than most other platforms, but your transcripts will also be split by speaker for more accurate search queries and analytics.


TCN Metadata

Voxjar’s filtering system is the backbone of our platform and converts metadata into filterable data. We automatically do this with each of the fields set in your dedicated Voxjar reports.

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