Integration Launch

Voxjar’s native Orecx/OrekaTR integration is a custom integration. Voxjar will collect OrkWeb credentials from you and then Voxjar engineers will manually complete your integration. You will be contacted with any questions and once your integration is complete. You will need Orecx admin permissions to establish this integration.

First, you’ll need to make sure API access is enabled.

The REST API functionality may be enabled or disabled.
If disabled, you may enable it by updating the database orkconfiguration.restAPIEnabled field and setting it to true (or 1).
Example in MySQL: mysql> update orkconfiguration set restAPIEnabled=true;
Since version 2.50-6888, it is enabled by default for new installations as well as installations that may not have it explicitly disabled (i.e. restAPIEnabled=NULL).


Then, create a dedicated user for Voxjar to access your OrkWeb instance. This user will need full API permissions.

After creating a dedicated user, click on the Orecx logo and enter Voxjar’s newly created user credentials and your OrkWeb details on the integrations page or while going through the getting-started guide when you sign up for Voxjar.


After adding credentials you will see a message prompting you to continue setting up your account. A Voxjar representative will contact you once the integration is completed.



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