Integration Launch

Voxjar’s native Five9 integration is a custom integration. Voxjar will collect Five9 credentials from you and then a Voxjar engineer will manually complete your integration. You will be contacted with any questions and once your integration is complete. You will need Five9 admin permissions to establish this integration.

First, you’ll need to create a dedicated user for Voxjar to access your FTP server where Five9 is uploading call recordings. This user will need read access.

After creating a dedicated user, click on the Five9 logo and enter Voxjar’s newly created user credentials and your FTP details on the integrations page or while going through the getting-started guide when you sign up for Voxjar.


After adding credentials you will see a message prompting you to continue setting up your account. A Voxjar representative will contact you once the integration is completed.


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