Chart Editor

The Chart Editor is where you create and update Charts.

Access it from the Discover page by clicking the top right corner of a Chart or by clicking the Add new Chart button


Access it from Dashboards by clicking the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of any chart.

Chart Types

Voxjar supports the most common Chart types and has even more in the works.

  • Line Charts
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Verical Bar
  • Pie
  • Metric


You control the Chart Type, Color, Value, Sorting, and Labels of your Y-Axis from within the Chart Editor.

The Y-Axis Values are pre-set by Voxjar.

First, select the field you’ll be measuring (calls, dead air, call length, etc). Then select the operator ( count, %, avg, etc)

When measuring the Calls field you can only measure which calls fall within your Search Filters.

You’ll have the additional option to track the number or percent of calls that match or don’t match your Search Query.

Multiple Y-Axes

You can layer multiple Y-Axes on top of each other to get a more detailed view of your data.

Just click “add y-axis” and the Chart Editor side menu will show a second Y-Axis that you can customize.

You can layer different Chart Types and different Values with multiple Y-Axes.

In the Chart below, we have one Y-Axis showing the # of calls over the past week and a different Y-Axis showing the average percent of dead air on those days.



Set the Value, Split your data, and set custom labels for your X-Axis in the Chart Editor


Split By

When you use Split By on your X-Axis, your data will split into subgroups within the current Value.

The Chart below shows the number of calls taken over the past week, grouped by day.

When we use Split By on the Agents field this data set will get much more granular:

Now we can see the number of calls handled by each agent, each day.

You can drill down even further using the list of agents on the right:

Now we’re only seeing the number of calls made each day by the 6 selected agents.

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