Actions are found on the Search toolbar in between the “list” icon and the “add new” button.


Delete a Search

This will permanently delete the Search you are currently viewing. You will receive a warning to confirm deletion. This action will delete all Charts associated with the Search you’re deleting and remove them from all Dashboards.



This will create an editable copy of the Search and Charts you are currently viewing. When you duplicate a Shared Search, Voxjar will automatically create a private copy of the Shared Search and associated Charts that you can edit.


Coming soon!


(to learn about Sharing on other pages click here)

Sharing a Search with other Voxjar users in your Company will mirror your Search to their accounts. Any changes you make on your master Search will be reflected on theirs. You can authorize other Editors whose changes will also be reflected.



You can export your Search as a CSV containing a list of Filters, Queries, and Calls associated with the Search you’re currently viewing.

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