Multiple Dashboards

Voxjar supports the creation of as many custom Dashboards as you want. Common use cases are different dashboards for each department, one to display on screens around your office, a different dashboard for each metric with multiple chart views of the metric, and so on.

Creating a new Dashboard

All Voxjar accounts start with a default “Main” Dashboard. To add additional Dashboards to your account look to the Dashboards Toolbar. You’ll find an “add new” button on the far right where you can click and select “Add Dashboard”.
add new voxjar dashboard

You will immediately be taken to a new blank Dashboard.


Naming your new Dashboard

It’s important to name a Dashboard so you can find it in your list of Dashboards later on.

On the far left of the Dashboard Toolbar you will see the text “Unnamed Dashboard”. Click on the text and change the title to something descriptive like “Sales Dashboard”.


Adding Charts to your new Dashboard

With your new Dashboard named, it’s time to add charts. You’ll go back to the “add new” button at the far right of the Dashboard Toolbar, click it, and select “Add Chart”

Then from your list of charts, select what you’d like to display on your new Dashboard.

Finally, move and resize your charts until you have the perfect layout.


Finding your Dashboards

All of your Dashboards appear in a list that you can access from the Dashboard Toolbar. Click the List Dashboards icon and then select whichever Dashboard that you’d like to view.


Setting a Default Dashboard

Your default Dashboard is the Dashboard that appears every time you log in to Voxjar. You can change this at any time to be any Dashboard in your list. Simply select the Dashboard you’d like as your default.

Then select “Default Dashboard” from the Actions tab.

Now that Dashboard will automatically load whenever you log in.

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