Full Screen Charts

You can view any Chart on your Dashboard in Full-Screen mode where you’ll see the details of the Chart’s parent Search, the Calls associated with the Chart, and Chart level Filters.


Opening Full-Screen Mode

In the top right corner of each Chart on your Dashboard there is a full-screen icon. Just give it a click and you’re in!


Parent Search

Once in full-screen mode, you’ll see in the Header and top Toolbar the details of the Parent Search of your Chart.
These details include the Search name, the Search Query, and the Search Filters. These are not editable from this view, but are displayed to provide clarity when exploring Chart data.



Chart Filters

Just below the Parent Search you’ll see the Chart itself. You can hide the Chart from view and you can add Filters to the Chart. Your Filters can be temporary or you can save them to the Chart. If you save the Filters the Chart will be updated throughout Voxjar.

Chart level Filters override Search Filters cause confusion when viewing the Filtered Chart next to other Charts of the same Search. (When viewing a Chart in Full Screen mode, Dashboard filters are inactive.)

An alternative to Filtering on the Chart level is to create a separate Search with those Filters and then create a group of Charts for that Search.



You can access every Call associated with a Chart in full-screen mode, or hide them if you just want to view a larger version of your Chart.

Calls are listed just below the Chart where you can interact with them as you do in all other areas of Voxjar.

Learn more about Calls


When you need to make an adjustment to a Chart beyond changing Filters, you can immediately lauch the Chart Builder/Editor by clicking “edit chart” in the drop down menu on the uper right of a Chart.

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