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Generate Your First AI Evaluation

Generating an AI evaluation for auto QA in Voxjar is easy. Just upload a call recording.

Any time you upload a call recording you'll have the option to assign it to the AI for auto QA.

There are three ways to upload call recordings to Voxjar.

  1. Click the "Start An Evaluation" button in the sidebar
  2. Create an AdHoc Queue and upload a batch of recordings
  3. Create an Auto Queue to automatically evaluate calls on a schedule

Start An Evaluation

upload a call for auto qa with ai evaluator

Click "Start an Evaluation" in the left sidebar to upload a single call recording and generate an AI evaluation.

You'll be asked to attach a call recording and enter basic information like the timestamp of the call.

Once the call has been uploaded you will be taken to the interaction page where you can generate an AI evaluation with just a few clicks.

queue an ai call evaluation

Once you queue your AI evaluation, you'll have results in just a few minutes.

Adhoc Queue

Adhoc queues are covered in detail here.

Adhoc queues are one-off processes that pull call recordings from one of many data sources, including file uploads.

Each time you create an Adhoc queue you'll assign evaluators to score your selected calls. Choose the AI evaluator to set up auto QA and start seeing results in moments instead of days.

select call recording source for adhoc queue in voxjarai evaluator selection

Auto Queue

Auto queues are covered in detail here.

Auto queues are the ultimate tool for automated quality assurance. Connect them to your phone platform or call recording storage and get fully automated AI evaluations on a schedule.

You set the rules so the only calls reviewed are the ones you want. Assign evaluations to Voxjar's AI or to your own QA team.

auto queue filters for selecting call recordings