Call Quality Assurance Software for Contact Centers

Human interaction isn’t dead yet! In fact, it’s more important than ever.

With Voxjar’s QA toolkit, you combine the power of automation¬†and analytics with personalized, human feedback.


QA Score Dashboard

View all of your QA scores in one place.

Instantly see how each rep is performing on all different call types. No more complicated macros, custom spreadsheet formulas, or clunky tools.

Quickly and easily drill down to an individual rep or call type.

Calls are scored in Voxjar using your custom forms, automatically calculated, and made available to anyone you choose in your organization including your reps.

Custom Forms and Scorecards

Attach custom scorecards to every call in Voxjar to easily give your reps feedback.

Adjust the fields, weights, and input types whenever you need to update your forms.

No more spreadsheets!

Commenting on Calls

Context is king.

Comment on the key points in each call so your reps get the feedback they need within the context of the call.

Voxjar will send alerts to everyone tagged in the comments to save you time and accelerate the learning curve.

Powerful Customized Filtering

Slice and dice your data in every possible way. Voxjar is built on a flexible, powerful filtering system that you control.

Want to see that one call that came in last Christmas Eve from El Paso to Tom in support that sounded kind of angry?

Piece. Of. Cake.

Call Randomizer

Eliminate bias.

Voxjar can randomly select calls for your quality monitoring team to give you the best data representation possible.

Easy Export

Need access to the raw data? No problem.

Download all of your data with a single click.

Agent Logins

Empower your reps with access to their customer interactions.

Each agent can be given a login to view their own calls, QA feedback, call comments and a public library of best practices in Voxjar.

Give them the transparency they crave and encourage self coaching behavior.

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