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Coaching is where the rubber meets the road. You can measure, track, monitor, and observe til the cows come home, but you won’t see a lick of improvement without coaching your employees.

The Coaching tools built into Voxjar let you do everything in one place. Analyze, observe, learn, and …take ACTION. 

Easy Access to Call Recordings

Quickly and easily access the calls that need your attention in Voxjar using the powerful conversation search engine, analytics, and call evaluation tools.

Stop wasting time in your current clunky platform where accessing your data was added as an afterthought instead of a key feature.

With Voxjar you can find calls where specific language was used by specific reps, filtered by any extra fields you want, to pinpoint exactly the conversations that matter. In seconds.

Comment on Calls

Attach comments and notes to specific points in your reps’ calls to give them targeted feedback within the context of their conversations.

Increase skill adoption, change behavior, and accelerate onboarding.

Custom Evaluation Forms

Create and attach forms to each call for standardizing feedback and expectations.

Set point values to each field and keep track of rep performance on a designated dashboard.

Best Practices Library

Whenever you come across a truly great call, share it with the whole team in a company-wide library of best practices.

Tag each call with the skills involved to make filtering a breeze.

Now reps can learn by listening to their peers’ real conversations with customers.

A great way to accelerate new hire ramp up and to help the experienced reps polish their skill set.

Agent Access

Give your reps the transparency and access they crave with individual agent logins.

They’ll have access to their own call recordings, coaching feedback, call evaluations, and a company-wide best practices library.

Self-coaching and peer-coaching are achievable with Voxjar.

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